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Over The Top Roof Cleaning offers safe, NO-PRESSURE shingle cleaning in Cincinnati, Ohio and surrounding areas. We’re the experts when it comes to removing those ugly black streaks that are ruining your curb appeal. Typical residential roofs can be cleaned in a matter of hours, and the results are immediate! Call today for a free, prompt, no-hassle estimate:

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We realize that many homeowners in the Cincinnati area are not even aware that a roof can be cleaned, so we’ve put together a page of frequently asked questions where you can learn more about our service, why it’s important, and the costs involved.

If you’re wondering how much a home’s curb appeal can be improved with a professional roof cleaning, then take a look at these before and after pictures. Imagine pulling into your driveway every day and seeing a beautiful, new-looking roof instead of those black streaks that are a neighborhood eyesore.

Black Roof Stains

Why does algae grow on roofs?

Algae is naturally in the air in most areas of the country except the very dry regions. It grows on building surfaces where it finds food (lime, paint, other) and moisture. The increase in occurrence of Gloeocapsa magma algae growth on asphalt shingle roofs in the last decade or so may be due to changes in the composition of asphalt shingles: limestone added to shingles to add weight also makes the surface attractive to Gloeocapsa magma. Black algae stains may be mistaken for but are not "extractive bleeding". Black algae stains on asphalt shingles tend to begin at the gutter edge and grow upwards. The appearance is deceiving, leaving many to believe it grows "top down".

The severity of the problem depends on the areas of the country you live in. For the residents of South West Ohio, it is considered to be a moderate problem. Unfortunately the graphic is not depicting the growth but rather the speed of growth. Left unattended, a roof in a moderate area will still become covered with the algae.



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Deerfield Township Roof CleaningKeeping your roof clean and in good condition is just as important as other home maintenance issues like deck cleaning and fireplace chimney cleaning. Most people wouldn’t dream of letting soot and crud build up in their chimney, but it might surprise you to know that occasional roof cleanings are just as vital, if not more so. It will protect your roof and ultimately save you an enormous amount of money in the long run. Rest assured that we adhere to the shingle cleaning standards and methods set forth in the ARMA bulletin 

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